Volunteer Programs

The Cumberland Trail and its support organizations host volunteer programs and events year-round. To receive notifications any time a volunteer event is scheduled, sign up for the Cumberland Trail Volunteer Blast.

Cumberland Trails Conference: The CTC hosts trailbuilding events year-round, including a Fall and Spring “Big Dig,” Spring BreakAway programs, and more.  To learn more, or to participate, visit the CTC website.

Trailhead Nursery: The Cumberland Seeds and Trailhead Nursery are native plants conservation projects. Volunteers can help collect and preserve seeds or work to propagate native plants at the nursery in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. To learn more, visit the Trailhead Nursery website.

Trailhead/Trail Adopters: Organizations, families and individuals can sponsor maintenance for the trailhead of their choosing with a financial contribution.  Major trailheads can be adopted with a donation of $1,000-$4,000.  All other trailheads can be adopted with a contribution of $330 – $1,000. You can read more about the adopters program here. To discuss trailhead adoption further, contact the park at 423-566-2229 or by email at cumberland.trail@tn.gov.

Trailhead/Trail Maintainers: Organizations and individuals can take over maintenance responsibility for a chosen section of trail or trailhead.  You can adopt a parking lot, a mile, or an entire segment. To get involved, attend a scheduled volunteer training event.  For more information, or to discuss available segments or trailheads, contact the park at 423-566-2229 or by email at cumberland.trail@tn.gov. You can view scheduled training events on the park events calendar.