Volunteer Opportunities 2018

The Friends of the Cumberland Trail recruit volunteer support for various projects including trailbuilding &trail maintenance, the Cumberland Trail Oral History Project, the Cumberland Trail Photography Project, Sandrock Recordings, the Trailhead Nursery, and more. We invite you to learn more about these programs and get in touch with project leaders:

Trail Construction: Trail construction is ongoing at multiple sites across the trail, including Morgan, Claiborne, Cumberland & Rhea counties. The work requires no previous experience, and the park provides tools & training in sustainable trailbuilding techniques. Volunteer days are posted on our web calendar, but also the Cumberland Trail’s social media pages.

Trail Maintenance: We’re proud to support the Cumberland Trail’s new volunteer trail maintainer program. Trail maintainers attend training, and visit their designated section independently to perform maintenance year-round. If you’ve got your eye on a section and would like to help out with routine maintenance there, contact the park office at 423-566-2229 or by email.

Cumberland Trail Oral History Project: The Cumberland Trail Oral History Project received a reboot in 2016. If you’d like to conduct oral history interviews and/or transcribe oral history interviews, the project could use additional volunteers. To get involved collecting oral histories, contact the park office at 423-566-2229. To serve as a transcriptionist (no experience or particular location required, just need an internet connection, computer, and basic typing skills) contact the park office at 423-566-2229 or by email.

Cumberland Trail Photography Project: The Cumberland Trail Photography Project documents and artistically interprets all aspects of the Cumberland Trail and surrounding communities. To donate your own art photography, or to get further involved, contact project Director and Lead Photographer Peter C. Koczera.

Sandrock Recordings: Sandrock Recordings is a non-profit record label that presents heritage music of the Cumberland Plateau Region. The project has need of volunteer audio professionals, archivists, web & print design professionals, skilled researchers & writers, salespeople, customer service help, administrative help, and more. This is a growing project with very limited staff support and a great opportunity to build & enhance marketable skills through volunteer service. To get involved, contact the park office at 423-566-2229 or by email.

The Trailhead Nursery & Cumberland Seeds Project: The Trailhead Nursery is a non-profit native plant nursery in Lone Oak, Tennessee that produces plants for use in restoration projects on park lands. The nursery raises funds for these projects by providing healthy, environmentally sustainable plants for sale to the public. The nursery hosts work days on a monthly basis, and represents the project at trade fairs and events across the region. To get involved, contact contact the park office at 423-566-2229 or by email.

Fundraising & Event Support: The Friends of the Cumberland Trail host and manage multiple fundraising events for the Cumberland Trail each year. Events for this year include the Ride for the Cumberland Trail (August 6th), the Bike Ride Across Tennessee (September September 11-17th ), the Cumberland Trail Spring Festival (April 16th) and more. Volunteer support for these events is always needed and appreciated. To get involved with these events, or to be contacted to support other events, contact the park office at 423-566-2229 or by email.

The Friends of the Cumberland Trail is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail by sharing and preserving the ecology, history, and folklore of Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail. The Friends also support the park by purchasing needed equipment and resources, and by recruiting volunteer support and donations. To discuss how you can help further, by making a substantial financial contribution or assisting with other activities, contact board president Herb Roberts.