Rules and Policies

  • Unless further restricted herein or by special regulation, fishing within park areas shall be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
  • Fishing in all park lakes may require a fishing permit for which there may be a nominal charge.
  • Digging for bait is prohibited within all park areas.
  • The transplanting or introducing of any live fish or fish eggs into the waters of any park area is prohibited.
  • Fishing is prohibited from within 200 feet of any public raft or float designed for water sports or within the limits of designated mooring areas or swimming areas. Fishing from within 200 feet of public boat docks with designated harbors may be prohibited by the Superintendent by the posting of appropriate signs.
  • Fishing from motor vehicle bridges is prohibited.
  • State fishing licenses and park permits must be exhibited upon demand to any person authorized to enforce the provisions of these regulations.


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