Field Reports

Deep Creek Floral Inventory – June 24, 2009


Richard Helm Makes Generous Donation to the Cumberland Trail Herbarium

Richard Helm donates a collection of Goldenrod specimens to the Cumberland Trail.

Browse Tennessee’s Atlas of Vascular Plants

A Checklist of Vascular Plants of Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park

Between 1972-75 nearly 600 species of plant including some rare and endangered species were cataloged in the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Parks.

Notes on Ferns of the Southern Appalachians by A.J. Sharp (1937)

A list of a few unexpected ferns identified in Tennessee’s Appalachians.

Ferns Found in the Vicinity of Sewanee by John T. McGill (1917)

“Gray’s Manual of Botany” lists flowering plants and ferns East of the 96th Meridian and North of the KY/TN state border. This article lists the ferns from this book that are also found near Sewanee.

A Floristic Study of Wetlands on the Cumberland Plateau

A discussion of a 1987 survey of Cumberland area wetlands that documented 368 vascular plants including; some coastal plain- Cumberland plateau disjuncts, endangered species, and a few possible new records for the state.

Forest Characterization and Biomass Estimates for Two Sites on the Cumberland Plateau

Quantitative descriptions of stand characteristics and above- and belowground biomass for two Quercus dominated watersheds.

Forest Communities of the Cumberland Plateau

This article describes the different groupings of tree types from Virginia Pines to Hemlock in the various topographical zones along the Cumberland Plateau.

Fragrance Analyses of Trillium Luteum and Trillium Cuneatum

Taxonomic relationships between the two flowers are discussed along with the 12 compounds that were analyzed by chromatography.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA)

University of Tennessee Professor Frank Hale explains the life cycle, impact, and spread of the Wooly Adelgid, an aphid like pest, to East Tennessee.

The Meaning of Flowers

A colorful description of the physical structures found in flowers, and how they communicate with insects and birds. Nectar, Pollen, Ovule, Anthers, UV light.

Natural Reproduction on Upland Sites in the Cumberland Mountains

A quantitative study of reproduction rates among various deciduous trees and the factors such as pH levels, slope direction and angle, overstory populations, that impact those rates.

Floristic Survey of Spring Flowering Herbs at Frozen Head State Park

An index of flowering herbs found in an area of Frozen Head State Park, classified as abundant, common, frequent, infrequent, rare.

Pocket Guide to Identifying Common Tennessee Trees

Tennessee Native Plant Society

University of Tennessee – Forest Resources Center Map

Vegetation and Flora of the Obed River Gorge System

A survey and comparison of plants found in the Obed Gorge to other TN natural areas. Gradient, microclimate, dendrogram.

Vegetation of the Gorges of Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee

Little-disturbed flora communities of the western margin of the Cumberland Plateau are discussed in relation to community limits and composition.

Woody Plants of the Gorges of the Cumberland Plateau and Adjacent Highland Rim

Listing of 160 taxa from eight specific locations; also discussed, historical and environmental factors in shaping habitats.


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