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Four Thousand Years of Native American Cave Art in the Southern Appalachians by Charles Faulkner

Charles Faulkner, anthropologist from the University of Tennessee, reassesses the sequencing of the different purposes Native Americans used caves over some 4,000 years.

Geology, Width, and Wear of the Chickasaw Path and Old Natchez Trace

This essay details the physical differences and their possible causes in three generations of a single pathway, what would become the Natchez Trace.

Iron and Manganese in Ground Water from Sandstone Aquifers in Cumberland County

A comparison of Iron and Manganese from aquifers on the Cumberland Plateau and near Sewanee, TN. The effects and sources of these metals in groundwater are also discussed.

Lower Pennsylvanian Exposures Along the W Road on Signal Mountain

Info-graphics visualizing data obtained on Signal Mountain that suggests tidal delta, tidal flats, and tidal channels were present during deposition of Lower Pennsylvania Rock.

Lower Pennsylvanian-Upper Mississippian Deposystems, Monteagle Mountain

Sediment layers and the transitions between them are described from exposures along I-24.

Localized Subsurface Morphologic Changes in Crab Orchard Mountain Group

This article gives good visual documentation of thickness variations of stratigraphic units in the Crab Orchard Mountain Group.

Reflections on the Significance of Cross Bedding in Ancient Sandstone

A look at different techniques and their application to studying cross bedding in sediment layers to determine stream flow direction.

Sedimentation of Crossbedded Megaripple Trough-Fill Near Sewanee and Signal Mountain Tennessee

Discussions of the formation of Pennsylvanian mega-ripple trough fillings near Sewanee, in attempts to better understand the sequence of formation in other Penn. trough fillings.

Some “Lost” Tennessee Mineral Localities

A look at some more contemporary counterparts to the old lost lead mine legend. Flourite, Beryl, Tertrahedrite, Lead

Subsurface Back-Barrier Deposits in the Whitwell Shale, Northwestern Herbert Domain Quadraingle Cumberland County

Core samples taken from Campbell County give geologists a look at the sediment-forming environment of millennia past.

Subsurface Lower Pennsylvanian Lithostratigraphy on the Southern Cumberland Plateau

In a process to discover the coal seam distribution of the area, core samples are taken from three locations. This paper frames and describes the various stratigraphic levels of sediment in the Pennsylvanian Gizzard and Crab Orchard Mountain Groups.

Subsurface Stratigraphic Framework of Crab Orchard Mountain

A number of boreholes into Walden’s Ridge enabled development of a localized subsurface stratigraphic framework with marked thickness variations in stratified units. Also enabled a geographic cross section that indicated the asymmetrical synclinal nature of this part of the Plateau.

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