Environmental Issues

Field Reports

White Nose Syndrome In Bats Requires Statewide Cave Closures


Appeals Court Reverses Ruling on Rock Mining Along Cumberland Trail Park by Joe Howell, Knoxville News Sentinel

An Ecological Survey of the West Fork of the Obed River with Emphasis on the Effects of Acid Mine Drainage

Effects of Acid Mine Drainage on the Stream Ecosystem of the East Fork of the Obed River

Effects of Stripmining on Fish and Diatoms in Streams of the New River Drainage System

Faunal Changes in East Tennessee Reservoir Following Remedial Reclamation of Mine Drainage

Habitat Use and Species Composition in Breeding Species of Avifauna in a Deciduous Forest Altered by Strip Mining

Iron and Manganese in Ground Water from Sandstone Aquifers in Cumberland County

Observations on the Presence of Furbearers in the Sequatchie River

Rock Mining Concerns Grow Among Conservationists by Pam Sohn and Ben Benton

Preservation of our Forests by R.S. Maddox (1915)

Do Appalachian Herbaceous Understories Ever Recover from Clearcutting? by David Cameron Duffy and Albert J. Meier