Land Contributors Gallery

The Cumberland Trail owes a lot to the community that has grown around the park. This includes all the volunteers that participate in a variety of activities, but an invaluable component of the system that has developed to continue the creation of this unique park are our land donors and willing sellers. With a park that crosses such a long expanse of terrain it becomes vital for the project to work with reasonable, compassionate, nature loving individuals. The Friends of the Cumberland Trail are likewise as passionate about acknowledging these individuals and their selfless contributions to a State Park that will serve generations to come.

Joe Walls (sold 91 acres)

Joe Walls has spent a life time serving his country as well as the communties he has resided in, whether it be serving in Korea with the Army – He remembers forging his father’s signature to join the Air Force at a young age before being drafted into Korea, on the Great Lakes with the Merchant Marines, teaching students at Harriman High School, or as a state supervisor and later assistant commissioner with the Department of Conservation. His professional good deeds bled over into his private life. He still gets choked up thinking about the young patients at St. Jude’s giving thank you speaches for the $10,000 or more Joe has raised each of the last 18 years for the hospital. Mr. Walls was instilled with a respect and later, a passion for conservation by his father-in-law. The land that came to the Cumberland Trail by way of Joe was originally owned by his wife’s parents Glen and Evelyn Brasel. Joe remembers lessons in being a naturalist from Glen Brasel, tree rings and even a convincing arguement to allow a large rattlesnake to cross the road untouched. You may think the years of government work would leave Joe talking solely of legislation and policy, however over the years he has lived life with a zest that makes for colorful tales now. He can tell you about Wiley Arms, a moonshiner and a relic of the mountain man era of American history who lived up in the gap of a mountain with and apple orchard and a garden, or about the plane filled with bricks of marijuana that crashed into a pond near the Rockwood airport. The Friends of the Cumberland Trail want to recognize and sincerely thank Joe Walls and his family for their contribution to and continued support of the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail. The property that came from Mr. Walls allows the trail to come down out of Frozen Head State Park into the town of Wartburg.