Call of the Wild, July 27th

Ranger Anthony Jones giving a talk at Head of Sequatchie

Ranger Anthony Jones giving a talk at Head of Sequatchie

Call of the Wild, an after-dark adventure at the Head of the Sequatchie unit of Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail was held on Monday night, July 27th, at the historic farm site and archaeological area just off Old Highway 28.  Cumberland Trail Park Ranger Anthony Jones began searching out the nocturnal creatures of the Cumberland Plateau, from raccoons to bears, before he was school age. Jones has worked for Tennessee State Parks since 2002, serving at Pickett State Park, South Cumberland Recreation area, and the Cumberland Trail.

The turnout for Call of the Wild was great with 34 people showing up.  Call of the Wild was a night hike that led people into the darkness of the Head of Sequatchie farm to look for creatures of the night.  However, one night prowler stole the show – the Barred Owls were out in force.  After a few attempts of calling in these night creatures, they obliged by putting on a show of vocal calls that rang in the valley well into the night, with one owl actually showing himself to the public for a short moment.  It was a huge success and we would love to have you for our next event.

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