(Update: March 2018): Cumberland Trail License Plate

Due to not meeting the funding goal, the Cumberland Trail License Plate campaign has ended.

Updates will be posted here and any previous pre-orders will be honored and/or refunded. Each person who has a pre-order will be contacted individually regarding all possible options. A list is being compiled now and contact will be made soon.

Possible options being discussed are:

  • Transition the current License Plate to a Front Plate (same plate but without the numbers)

  • Refund
  • A Membership to the Friends of the Cumberland Trail
  • Your Suggestion – You Tell Us

Feel free to respond to the above and direct questions to: info@friendsofthecumberlandtrail.org or 423-566-2229



–Once again an official letter will be mailed/emailed soon–


8 Responses to (Update: March 2018): Cumberland Trail License Plate

  1. If you have extras that could be used for a front plate, I would be interested in purchasing.
    thank you

  2. The front plate looks great!
    Please keep my contribution to use however Friends decides.

  3. Like the Front Plate…
    Keep me updated as to what options are available.
    Thank you.

    • As of right now those are the options but you are free to make a suggestion of your own.

      We are keeping a list of each person who responds and their choice.

      Can we officially mark you down as the “Front Plate” option?

      If we don’t get enough interest in that option we will update you and a refund can always be generated.

  4. Damien Meredith

    Are there any more front plates without numbers avaialbe?
    I saw one in person and they look great!

    • Yes, we will soon have an online option to pay but you can order a new plate by calling Brad Smiddy at the Cumberland Trail Main Office at 423-262-9853 (M-F 8am-4:30pm ET). You can set-up payment details/shipping then. Tags are $10.

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