**Trail Alerts & Hours (Updated 06/22/2020)**

Unless otherwise indicated below, Cumberland Trail-managed areas are open during daylight hours (7am to Sunset):

Main Office: M-F 8am – 4:30pm
Laurel-Snow State Natural Area: 7am – 7pm

North Chickamauga Creek Gorge State Natural Area (Memorial Day – Labor Day 2020): M-F: 7am – 7pm | Weekends: 9am – 7pm

Head of Sequatchie: Thursday – Sunday (9am – 5pm CT)

Vehicles left in gated areas after sunset are subject to being towed or locked in.

Camping is Open


Please follow these guidelines: https://tnstateparks.com/about/keeping-visitors-healthy

*Bridge Advisories:

Where: Suck Creek – The Suck Creek bridge off Hwy 27 (near Mushroom Rock) in Prentice Cooper State Forest is washed out. Staff are looking at possible options with an indefinite timetable for repair at this time.

Where: Devil’s Breakfast Table – Main Bridge over Daddy’s Creek
Ranger and Maintenance staff are looking to remedy the situation.

**Please check back here and the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail Facebook page for updates.

**Call our main office for more details: 423-566-2229

*Trail Advisory:

Where: Devil’s Breakfast Table Trailhead – South
Why: This is a reminder that while there is a short segment of trail heading south from the Devil’s Breakfast Trailhead, that segment and this entire segment south to the Daddy’s Creek Trailhead is still CLOSED as the trail is being built in this area.

**Please check back here and the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail Facebook page for updates.

**Call our main office for more details: 423-566-2229


CLOSED: All caves on CT-managed lands are closed due to White-Nose Syndrome. You can read more about this devastating bat disease here: https://www.whitenosesyndrome.org/

CAUTION: Please remain cautious about creek crossings & enjoying creek areas.

2 Responses to **Trail Alerts & Hours (Updated 06/22/2020)**

  1. My husband and I hiked the trail in the Piney Falls natural area this past Saturday. We found the trail markings dangerously inadequate. We have been hiking for nearly 50 years in many areas of the country. In Piney Falls, there are many trails that do not travel from the trailhead to the upper falls and lower falls and back to the trailhead. With nearly nonexistent trail blazes or signage, it is difficult to know which trail to take. We took a wrong turn onto a trail to nowhere and ended in a very dangerous situation, requiring rescuing. Please mark to trails.

    • Many areas of the trail are being still being built and improved. Blazes and signage are a part of those efforts. Thank you for mentioning these concerns and they have been forwarded on to those who can make these improvements. We are very sorry to hear how your situation ended and every attempt will be made by the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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