Now Hiring: 2018 Spring & Summer Trail Crew Members!


The Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail is seeking qualified candidates for a Backcountry Crew.

WHEN: A Spring Trail Crew looks to begin in April 2018 and the Summer Crew starting around the week of May 14th through the week of July 27th (10-11 weeks – dates subject to change). Applicants may apply for both seasons or only one.

WHERE: The Trail Crew will be camping & working on the Cumberland Mountain Segment located 40 miles North of Knoxville in Campbell & Claiborne Counties. The Cumberland Trail (CT) will be a 330 mile hiking trail from the Cumberland Gap at the Virginia/Kentucky/Tennessee state corner to Signal Point near Chattanooga. An estimated 100 miles are remaining and you can help us close that gap!

Job Description:

Trail Crew Members will construct new hiking trail, rock steps, and other structures using hand tools and mechanical equipment in this remote area. They must work with others effectively and safely to complete trail construction & maintenance projects. The Trail Crew will share in camp chores each day.

Minimum age: 18

Camping overnight is required.

A full time work week is 37.5 hours.

The weekly schedule:

Day 1 – Arrive at the office, transported to the camp location, set up camp, and trail construction.

Day 2, 3, & 4 – Trail construction

Day 5 – Trail construction, break down camp, and depart for office

The Trail Crew members will also take turns performing the role of camp keeper, maintaining the camp and performing related duties.

*Weekly schedule subject to change due to weather conditions or logistical necessity.

Skills & Abilities:

Aptitude for physical work in the back country; effectively work and communicate with others, comfortable working and living in the backcountry for days at a time.


Crew Member positions $9.50/hr.

Other Benefits:

Trail training, use of our camping gear, & we provide the food while camping.

Additional Information and Application:

Mark Stanfill
Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail

Address: 220 Park Road, Caryville, TN 37714
Direct Cell: (615) 574-5176
Main Office: (423) 566-2229 or 423-262-9853

Application Due by April 20, 2018



6 Responses to Now Hiring: 2018 Spring & Summer Trail Crew Members!

  1. Davy Rutherford

    What is the minimum age yo be considered for a trail builder crew member? I have a grandson who would enjoy the opportunity to experience camping in the open, learn new skills and some money. He is will be 14 this June, that is why I ask. We currently live in Southern Illinois, but I myself grew up in Campbell County. He has hiked one leg 7 mile leg the trail from Cove Lake back towards Tates Springs. We’ve camped along the Clinch River a few times down near Clinton

    • Great question Davy and the original post has been updated to reflect this information.

      Unfortunately the minimum age is 18.

      However we do have our Volunteer Maintainer and Adopter Program for those who want to be involved with the trail. This program deals with trail construction, maintenance, and overall support. It is volunteer only but is a great way to be involved with the park, especially for families and youth.

      Please follow this link: to learn more about the Volunteer Maintainer & Adopter Program or call our office at 423-566-2229 (8am-4:30pm EST)

  2. Marshall Anderson

    Hello, my name is Marshall Anderson. I’m living in Hixson, TN, outside of Chattanooga and would be very interested in helping the CT. I’ve been hiking and camping in the southern segments of it near me for about a year now, and feel I’d like to give back and do some hard work in the back country fresh air. Unfortunately I don’t have any transportation to get all the way to the office in Caryville, and it seems after a week of work the workers will be set loose for the weekend. I wonder if there’s anyone else in this situation that you’ve given advice to, or if it would be possible to stay out even during the end of the work week. Perhaps there’s construction that needs doing closer to the south terminus? Again, I’m in love with everything y’all are doing and would only like to figure out a way to help. Thanks for your time, and have a good day!

    • Mr. Anderson,

      Please contact Mark Stanfill at or 615-574-5176 to get full details and speak with him about your situation. I have also sent your question(s) on to him via email so you should receive a quick response.

      Mr. Stanfill is the trail administrator and is over trail crew concerns and logistics.

      **Now as for being involved and helping the trail there are always opportunities to assist and be involved. We have a Volunteer Maintainer and Adopter Program where we can set you up with a Ranger in the Chattanooga area to tell you about trail work needing to be done in the area. Now this program is non-pay but is a great way to get involved.

      **The best advice is to call Mr. Stanfill regarding the trail crew. Once you have a resolution there, you can call Bradley Smiddy at 423-262-9853 to talk about the Maintainer and Adopter Program and other ways to get involved with the trail (the Cumberland Trails Conference at times has trail crews and Mr. Smiddy can tell you more about this).

      **Mr. Anderson we are very excited you want to be involved and if you contact Mr. Stanfill and Mr. Smiddy one of the two will find something which works for you.

  3. Where do you apply

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