Laurel-Snow SNA: Laurel Creek Bridge Closing

The 50ft metal bridge that spans Laurel Creek has been damaged and is unsafe for crossing at this time.

The Cumberland Trail at Laurel-Snow State Natural Area

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  1. The water level is moderate to low, so crossing on rocks is easy in the vicinity of the damaged bridge. Watch out for snakes. The bank down to the river is steep, but there are some small trees to help control your descent.

  2. Are there plans to fix/replace the bridge over Laurel Creek at Laurel Snow Falls Natural Area?

    • The Friends of the Cumberland Trail

      Steve, the bridge over Laurel Creek was condemned by multiple engineers within and outside TDEC and will have to be replaced entirely. As you can imagine, the destruction of the bridge due to downed trees was a bad break that couldn’t have been anticipated within the park’s operating budget, and funding remains an issue. Raising funds and rebuilding will be a priority for 2015.

  3. I attempted to hike thus trail yesterday, 7/22/15 and arrived to find a gate across the access road right at Back Valley Rd. A hand written sign on the gate said do not park and hike in. Any info about this?

  4. Hit the trail today and saw that the bridge is still closed any update on the progress for replacement?

    • Friends of the Cumberland Trail

      Hey Ross, a new bridge is in planning phases right now, but we don’t have an installation date yet. It’s definitely a priority for the park, since that section of trail sees so much use. As soon as we know anything, we’ll announce it. 🙂

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