Backcountry Camping & Parking

**Trail Alerts (Updated 5/15)**

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Due to recent heavy rains, please exercise extreme caution while enjoying creek areas, including waterfalls, at this time. Water levels may change suddenly, running high and moving fast in many areas and posing increased safety risk.

*All Counties: All caves on lands managed by the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail are closed to the public at this time due to White Nose Syndrome.

To view all currently-active trail-related notices, visit our Openings, Closings & Safety Notices section.

The Cumberland Trail park rangers ask your cooperation in registering your vehicle if you plan to use overnight parking accommodations while enjoying the trail. Simply complete and submit the form below in advance of your excursion.

If another vehicle is parked at a second trailhead destination, please fill out and submit a separate form. Please provide registration as soon as possible prior to your trip.

*For help locating campsites & parking areas, visit our interactive map at this link: Cumberland Trail Online Map
Enter n/a if you will not be leaving a vehicle overnight.
Enter n/a if you will not be leaving a vehicle overnight.